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In recent years online dating has become one of the best ways to meet other single people, and now there are numerous intentionally Christian sites to try, such as Christian mingle.

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"So you didn't like the one flag we had flying, how about three more," Reichert-Davis wrote in her Facebook post.

Are you a Christian single girl or guy with a different take on the issue?

Students at an East Texas high school have responded to an atheist group's demands that the school remove a Christian flag by bringing their own Christian flags to fly on school grounds.

Instead, she entered and exited relationships frequently, often sleeping with the men she was dating."Even though I knew it was wrong, I continued to have sex outside of marriage," Lindsey told The Christian Post. Because when you're single you don't want to be lonely.""I was the girl that broke up with one boyfriend and had another one on speed-dial—that afternoon I'd already be going out with somebody else.

I kept a boyfriend because I liked the attention," she continued.

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