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It's been taken over by the large studios it initially popped up in resistance to and they're back to feeding us the same stuff over and over again.

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While we can't deny at all that they were truly a revolutionary development, they've become played out at this point.

The Katmai bear cam is back in action, providing a 24/7 livestream of unsuspecting brown bears in their natural habitat. To celebrate the return of this old standby, we ignored our overflowing inboxes and tuned into’s many other wilderness cams for a few minutes (or more…way more). Violent winds shook the camera, making the footage nauseating to watch after five seconds. There are about eight penguins chilling on an artificial beach. Score: 8/10 —Molly Mirhashem, editorial assistant Watch here. My editor assigns me the Charlo Montana Osprey Nest, informing me that I "have a thing for scary birds." a.m. I call him Flighty because he seems ill-equipped to fly.

The bear cam and the dozens of others available on the site have become increasingly popular in the last six years, and some would argue they’re another tool for fighting conservation apathy. Here is our scientific ranking of the best places to watch awesome animals in action: Watch here. There was nothing to see but an empty horizon—I accepted the challenge and played Where's Waldo, scouring the screen for a hint of an adorable polar bear playing in the far off distance. C) It was just sharks swimming around a tank, a bit boring. Score: 3/10 —Marie Sullivan, associate video producer Watch here. I guess that makes sense, but for some reason I was getting ready to watch a feed from Antarctica.

The best two views are in the dens, where you get to see puffins up close and can also hear their call—a low growl of the kind often made by a house cat.

Whether it's girls going solo, lesbians, gays, couples, swingers, mature babes, trannies, you name it, we've got it right here.Sure, 'teen' is right in our name here at Adult, but it's far from all that we offer.While teenage girls are largely our speciality, we have something for everyone.One thing is for certain: the bear cam is hypnotizing. After a full minute passed with no sign of said polar bear, the camera panned: There's nothing, literally nothing, going on in Wapusk National Park right now. Score: 0/10 —Ash Dumford, social media editor Watch here. I was very excited to view the “Shark Lagoon” livestream but was a bit disappointed.

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