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The creative process was mainly me writing stuff and bringing it to the band and them adding to it with ideas. ‘Girlfriend’ lyric was mainly by Gareth with me putting music to it.

Then I’d teach Stu the bass line, then Anne and Lianne would work out some harmonies and then Gareth would fall off a chair or out of a window.

I haven’t found much information about it aside that it was recorded live. Window Box of life (Smedley) 6 Drop Dead Darling (Smedley/Kane) 7 Ethiopia Utopia (Smedley) 8. Twist n shout (trad) Sheep Worrying’s first release was ‘False Nose’ by the Dangerous Brothers in 1980 and then we did a few others and as it was our umbrella organisation it was natural the SMs would be part of it too.

In fact it was our 3 7” release -the second was ‘the Sheep Worrying EP’ (1982) which featured me and Nervo others in a band called Club Whoopee doing a song called ‘You’re sort of ok’ (written by me and horror writer Kim Newman).

We also went on demos, actions, protests all that stuff. One local newspaper labelled me ‘the most dangerous man in somerset’ at this same time. We built up our fanzine to a ‘Listings’ magazine with 1,500 circulation but it had to be paid for so we used advertising.

Sometimes we didn’t get enough to cover it so we just kept letting the debt build up then one day we were staring at a £1,000 debt.we said ‘let’s form a cabaret band just to pay this off’ -hence the Sedgemorons.

We were in a massive political struggle and no one involved had any money, few had jobs and gigs were a political statement more than building a career.

So I formed a garage band aged about 10 when I lived in North Wales (called ‘The Thundermakers’) I sang (and wrote) and we played in the garages on our council estate and invited the neighbourhood kids in to watch us. We’d been in punk bands together since the late 70’s (mainly ‘The Dangerous Brothers’).

They paid a penny each then we’d take the cash and spend it on Batman bubblegum cards. Stuart the bass player had been singer in a punk band called The Market Gardeners, but he was also in the Royal Navy and so didn’t gig too often (apart from Falklands War and the Cod War) (that was a real war about fish against Iceland)(Aggressive little sods) (the fish I mean) Anne, Lianne and Gareth -SMs was their first band and Bazza the sax man had only just learnt his instrument (I think) Well, the Dangerous Brothers were the heart of the Bridgwater music scene and we formed an organisation around us called Sheep Worrying -which was not just a record label it was also a fanzine, a theatre company, we put on gigs and so on and it was very DIY indie punk stuff.

First there was me and Nervo, then Stuart, then Anne, then Lianne, then Gareth then Bazza and then we shot up a Mexican village.

There was nothing like ‘auditions’ except maybe me teaching Stuart to play the bass.

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