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As much as I would love to be smothered with kisses within thirty seconds I can truly understand why this would be a turnoff to many women.I think the way to handle it would be to start with the gentle approach, maybe even with a little humor which would communicate the fact that you'd rather not be rushed into getting physical and want to get to know each other.I had that happen and I really like this guy, but I'm not really comfortable kissing after just meeting someone.Immediately (and I mean immediately), I had an arm around me and there was kissing.

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You could tell him that although you enjoy kissing and other forms of affection, you are just getting to know each other and would like slow it down a bit. But, like you said, if he doesn't understand then oh well.

I've dated someone I've met online before that this is the exact problem with online dating.

We don't realize how much info we give away and receive IN PERSON and so when we go into a date without it, it can make things pretty awkward because both parties have a huge blind spot about the other person.

This morning I had some time to digest last night and I feel like I do want to see him again, but I hope he understands that I am interested, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing all of that.

I am afraid that he will feel that I'm not interested if he doesn't get the reaction he likes.

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