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Let’s just say that it takes us approximately an hour to get to each location, with a lot of convenience store and street food stopovers. Our flight got delayed so our plans to explore Seomyeon in Busan pretty much didn’t happen. – Travel from Gimhae Airport to Seomyeon via subway p.m – Check-in at 24Guesthouse Seomyeon a.m. We did, however, binged on , then you know what I’m talking about. were starting to haunt me so I decided that it’s finally time to stop watching Kdramas (for a few hours) and try to get something done for once. I wanted to try it, but we already spent the morning playing dress up. Here are the hotels I can recommend: I have yet to have an ugly experience in staying at a hostel.Hey, I have a chronic case of blogging laziness, and it’s not something that can be fixed easily. Unlike my previous travels in South Korea, our trip last April was impulsive. Maybe I’m just not picky, but really, staying in hostels is pretty amazing. I’ve booked most of my travel accommodations via the site: I get a lot of questions whether so and so days are enough for South Korea, but no matter how many days that may be, my answer will always be no. It wasn’t too cold and most of the places we visited were full of cute kids. Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village and Incheon Chinatown p.m. Travel from Incheon Chinatown to Wolmido Theme Park p.m. But knowing that I wasn’t going to work on a Monday and going to Busan instead cheered me up. There are tons of hotels and hostels in South Korea suitable for any budget.

My sister hadn’t been back in Korea since our first visit in 2012. But Kdrama references aside, these two places are definitely worth a visit. It includes comprehensive directions on how to visit each attraction and even an estimate of the expenses.

we found out that the chain called Blue Ketchup has closed down a while ago, and the place we found last minute didn’t actually help us find a blind date.

After living for a year in Korea, my friend finally found a “Hunting Pub” that still existed! to the security at the door, and wait until the waiter guides you to a table.

Pros: Where I went: We went to the lively Konkuk University area and first peeked into a place called “Wang-Daebak (왕대박) Join Club” but that place was so dark and loud that I couldn’t even see or hear my friend.

Their food and drinks were also pretty expensive, so we just walked out without ordering anything.

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