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You do this by saying “Alexa, switch to [name]’s profile.” Another reason to ensure you’re using your own profile, and not a family member’s, is that the person receiving the phone call will see the phone number of the profile that is currently selected on the Echo device show up on their caller ID.

While in a phone call through an Echo device, you can say “” Just realize that the person you are talking to will hear you give either of those commands.

It’s probably best to get in the habit of asking to call specific devices, so there are no surprises.

If you want to call a person’s Echo device or Alexa app, you should say “. If there are multiple people in your home and they have each set up calling through the Alexa app, you will need to switch profiles on your Alexa device to ensure you are accessing the correct person’s contact list.

For that, you’ll need to buy the newly announced Echo Connect for .99 and connect it to your home landline.

With an Echo Connect installed, your Echo devices will announce when someone is calling your landline, which you can then choose to answer through your Echo device or ignore the call.

When calling capabilities were first added to Echo devices, you needed to use an Echo device or the Alexa app to either send or receive a call.

The person you were calling had to have at least set up the feature through the Alexa app and ideally owned an Echo device.

If the person you are calling has also set up Alexa-to-Alexa calling, it will default to calling their Alexa devices if you just say “” without specifying which number/device you’d like to call.

All Amazon Echo devices, including the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and the new next generation Echo models, can now make landline phone calls to the US, Canada, and Mexico completely for free without needing anything extra to buy.

This is an expansion of the Alexa-to-Alexa calling capabilities released earlier this year which now lets you call regular phone numbers, whether or not the person you are calling has ever used an Alexa device.

You will need to give the app access to your phone contacts, so that you can call people by name, and you may be asked to verify your phone number via text message.

Number verification is required because when you call a phone number with an Echo device, the person you are calling will see your mobile phone number show up.

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