Dating with boys

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All the guys were all really down and totally got the concept. Music videos of days gone by (and a lot still today sure) are steered by the male gaze imposed on women, who tended to be background characters in visuals – is this turning it on its head? Charli XCX: I would never miss a party for a boy, they would have to come with me. I recently spent a week with her in this crazy house in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk writing songs. And I really liked PC Music’s ‘Month of Mayhem’ too.

Charli XCX: Well, obviously that's been a big influence on my video. And if I had to pick who to take with me, I would probably either take A. Cook ‘cos he’s the best dancer at parties or Diplo because he has a really great array of fidget spinners which is v. Can you say anything about your upcoming third album?

I have a vague recollection that, while sitting mere inches from my future husband, I tried my awkward hand at being sexy, except that my idea of sexy was based upon Meg Ryan’s character in On the highlight reel of stupid things I did in junior high, this crush was directly responsible for the stupidest. This resulted in me having blond hair but not having Madonna’s face.

The track is the second release from her forthcoming third album, a follow-up to her 2017 mixtape What’s the idea behind ‘Boys’?

Charli XCX: The song ‘Boys’ is basically about dreaming about all the cuties out there in the world. And the video, I mean, I guess it’s about making boys the ‘sexy’ part of a pop video for once, instead of the girls. How did this all come about, getting so many guys involved?

Neam got irritated with Nate for being late, for being unprepared and for generally not giving a shit (because when you’re 15 and in 8th grade, you probably don’t actually give a shit), I would grow concerned. By now you’re probably wondering, “Well, one afternoon, toward the very end of the year, something unexpected happened.

I was sitting on the large grassy hill in front of the school waiting for my dad to come pick me up after band practice (Oh, did I forget to mention that I played saxophone in the school band?

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