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So how do you discipline an unruly girl without permanently disfiguring her? Spanking allows you to inflict physical violence upon her—the violence that she to be spanked, it’s extremely unlikely that she will ever consider your weekly whippings to be “domestic violence.” Even if she doesn’t like the sting of your palm, her sense of shame will keep her from reporting you to the police.No girl wants her private life to become public knowledge, meaning that unless you’re a complete idiot, she will endure just about any humiliation you inflict on her.People who are intolerant of gender confused men are branded “homophobic”.What is it called when an entire school is intolerant of gender confused women?What is the difference between a man who is gender confused and a woman who is gender confused?

How does excluding biological women help to empower women?Why would anyone want to send their young daughters to such a backward thinking college? Campbell’s new policy would exclude the daughters of singers R.Kelly and Sade — Ila Adu and Jay Kelly — both of whom now live as men.It’s the curse of Eve: girls naturally chafe at the yoke of the man they have submitted to, even if all they end up doing is finding another master to kneel to.But as much as she may deserve it, I recommend uppercutting your girlfriend for a number of reasons.

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