Men dating younger women quotes

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He may finally realize what he's missed in life and want to settle down - and if he wants children, older women may not be able to provide that.

Time will tell for sure, of course - there's no way to know for sure sooner, unless he tells you what he wants.

Like it's not possible for a man in his late 40's to fall in love with a woman in her late 20's.

It's always about either the younger woman only wants the older man for financial reasons.

On the other side she played drinking games and carried on like a teen ager when we were out with friends.

Is it something wrong if a man in his late 40's likes a woman in her late 20's?

If he says it's just sex, you can believe him - if he wants a lasting relationship, once again only time will prove it out.

And only time will show if you are both compatible to make a relationship work!

yes, as a culture we have made tremendous progress in feminism, a woman's independence, and laws that protect women, but that will never change the evolutionary development of the feminine dna and psyche for that need to have a man in their life to protect and support them, even through their last days of life.

and, of course, there are always women who able to "ride solo", or at least think so.

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