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Quick Type is Apple's new predictive text feature for i OS 8, providing several suggestions to finish off words and sentences, nestled right above the keyboard as you type.While Quick Type doesn't memorize or suggest usernames and passwords, there might be times when you send important information via email or text message.Apple routinely gathers information about your issues and usage in order to improve the performance of its operating system and fix bugs when things crash.Typically no personally identifiable info will be included in these reports, but depending on the app and what's in a memory dump at the time of a crash, there's no guarantee.Justin wrote a guide on many of the deeply hidden and sometimes concerning privacy settings in i OS 7.

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At the bottom of Diagnostics & Usage, you can also choose to disable a new i OS 8 feature which sends your information to app developers.In the history of hilarious i Phone autocorrect pranks, we’re not sure one has ever gone quite this well. Of course, this could all be a joke — it’s obviously not very difficult to label one of your friends as “mom” in your contacts list and have some fun — but it’s much funnier if we go on believing it really happened.Twitter user Makenzie (@goddamnirwin) was apparently tired of her mother messaging her constantly about bringing her dirty laundry downstairs to be washed. Here’s the first part of the conversation, as tweeted by Makenzie: And then it went on… Either way, Makenzie’s hilarious tweets have earned her tens of thousands of retweets and favorites.Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Direct lets you send disappearing photos and videos to other users, and includes a screenshot notification whenever the recipient captures the content you sent privately.In tests on i OS 11, neither photos nor videos captured via screen recording in Instagram Direct told the sender that such an action had taken place.

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